Best Dog Foods

Would you like to know the best food for your dog? First, let’s look at common commercial dog foods like canned and dry food.

Shop shelves are packed with a variety of pet foods, in all kinds of colors and packages. Dog food companies think up lots ways to entice you the buyer to choose their brand over another. They want to you to believe that the beautiful dog pictured on the package actually eats the same product.

While most commercially prepared foods aim to offer adequate nutrients and a balanced diet, and are generally of high quality, there are big differences between these foods and a dog’s natural diet.

The most important difference is that most commercial foods are cooked and processed. Cooking destroys natural enzymes and cellular structure found in raw foods. Processing can alter the state of proteins and naturally occurring fats, and processed foods usually contain introduced preservatives.

You have a choice of what to feed your dog, but your dog does not have a choice.

healthy dog and food choices are important

A dog living in the wild can make up any deficiencies by hunting, but a domesticated animal relies on what you give it. Canned foods and dry foods are probably the most familiar form of dog food, but many people don’t realize that they only ‘approximate’ the foods eaten by their canine ancestors.

A dog’s natural diet is much more varied than something you find in a packet. While a good, readily prepared food, such as canned or kibble, can help sustain nutritional needs, it will not provide the same health-giving benefits of raw foods.

So what should you feed your dog and what are the best dog foods for good health? Read more in the next article: Your Dog and Food


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