Your Dog and Food

Your dog needs to eat the right foods for growth, for energy and for a healthy body.

You care about your dog, right? Your aim should be to feed your dog a balanced diet, in the right amount, with the right ingredients and nutrients.

You know you are giving your dog the right foods when it is happy and healthy, has normal toileting habits, has bright eyes and a well-conditioned coat.

The principles of feeding your dog and keeping it healthy are easy to follow if you have the right information. It’s what you do 90% of the time that counts…just like with you and me. Sure, dogs and humans both have different nutritional needs, and a person tends to eat more regularly than a dog. But generally, if you eat well most of the time then you feel well most of the time.

All dogs need certain foods in their diet to thrive. Whether you're using commercial dog foods or preparing your dog’s diet at home, you’ll find some simple rules here at